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A brief description of each ministry and deacons/ministry leaders of contact

“As a member of this family, what should you expect from this explanation of our ministries?”

This is an overview of our current “ministry system.”  You’ll notice that most of the ministries are set up as committees.  Each one is headed by a deacon or ministry leader under the oversight of an elder(s).  Please look through the remainder of this packet thoughtfully & prayerfully.  We all have a responsibility to our Lord in the local church to be about His work.  Identify your own talents & strengths & look for ways that you can be involved in our current work.  Use this information as a tool to get “plugged in” to where you believe God can most efficiently use you.  If there are other ways that you believe God can use you that are not layed out in this ministry page, please see any one of our elders.  There are, no doubt, many other avenues of service that this local body of believers can be engaged & maybe you’re the link that God has sent us to initiate that particular work of service.

Adult Education
Developing disciples who live and love the word of God.

The Adult Education Ministry disciples people at all stages of spiritual maturity to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We strive to transform our people into lifelong students of the Bible, and to develop their ability as teachers and servants to share God’s love.

Members of Committee:
Elder Contact: Craig Jordan
Committee Members: Rick Ross; Denver McMurry

Opportunities to serve:
• Teach Adult Bible Class
• Assist with recruiting teachers for adult classes
• Assist with researching and selecting teaching aids for teachers


Community Benevolence: Serving Decatur Church members as well as members of the community who are in financial crisis.

The Benevolence Ministry displays the love of Jesus by meeting the physical needs of brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as members of our community, who are experiencing temporary financial difficulties or other emergencies.

Members of Committee:
Elder Contact: All Elders
Deacons: B.D. Lowe; Winfred Morgan; H.L. Ross

Opportunities to serve:
• Provide spiritual direction to those who come in seeking help
• Contribute to special needs of individuals
• Notify a Benevolence Deacon of anyone in the church family you know is struggling financially
• Look for ways that benevolence can grow in the church and community
Helping Hands Clothing Ministry

As an arm of our benevolence outreach, the mission and purpose of the Helping Hands ministry is to provide for those in need of basic clothing in Wise County.

The Helping Hands ministry is located on the southeast wing of the church offices. They are open to serve on Mondays from 10am to 2pm. Clothing should be dropped off during those hours as well.
Members of Committee:
Elder Contact: Randy Davis
Coordinators:  Sonia Lee; Judy Armstrong

Opportunities to serve:

• Volunteer help is needed both during and after operating hours.
• Clothing donations are solicited from our membership and the community.

Building & Grounds

The Building & Grounds Ministry maintains, improves and oversees usage for the buildings and grounds so the church will have a facility that serves the purposes of God.

We want our campus to be reflective of our commitment to Christ by being good stewards of the blessings that God has provided to us. We want the facility to be opened to our church family, as well as the community. This allows us the opportunity to share the blessings that God has given us and meet the needs of our community. It also allows us the chance to show our neighbors that we are a loving, caring and sharing family, and hopefully they will want to be a part of it.

Members of Committee:
Elder Contact: Roger Armstrong / Mark Duncum
Deacons: Jody Adams; Dean Kellogg
Facility Maintenance Manager: Bob Hussey

Opportunities to serve:
• Special Work Day Coordinator
• Special Work Day Volunteer
• Special Events Set Up Team
• Court Yard Maintenance
• Lawn & Flower Bed Maintenance
Children’s Ministry
The Decatur Church of Christ places a high value on the spiritual education and development of our children. This ministry partners with parents to be a resource and encouragement in this task.
The function of the Children’s Education ministry is to plan, prepare and oversee the classroom education of the children sixth grade and younger. The curriculum is planned to provide a quality introduction of the Old and New Testament teachings to our children, schedule teachers & helpers for each age group for Sunday morning & Wednesday evening classes, and working with the Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) program.
Members of Committee:
Elder Contact: All Elders
Coordinators: Sami Pollard; Lacey Lee
Committee Members: Russ & Tonya Hamilton; Donny & Marcy Edwards; Mark & Angela Duncum

Opportunities to serve:

• Age-group specific class coordinators
• Teachers for each age group
• Teacher assistants
• Workroom Helpers
• LTC Coaches

Children’s Homes
The Children’s Homes ministry, in partial fulfillment of James 1:27, provides both financial and material support to selected children’s homes.

The function of the Children’s Homes ministry is to plan and budget financial support to children’s homes on an annual basis. The church family also coordinates food, clothing and change can drives at various times throughout the year.

Members of Committee:
Elder Contact: 
Deacon: H.L. Ross

Opportunities to serve:
• Donate to special fund raising efforts
• Donate food
• Volunteer for scheduled children’s home work days

The Children’s Place

The Children’s Place (TCP) provides a safe, fun, educational, Christian Tuesday/Thursday school where moms can drop off their kids to be taught a Christian-based preschool curriculum.

The Children’s Place is a day school program for young mothers and children, ages birth through pre-Kindergarten, of both Decatur church family and the community. The day school is under the oversight of the church elders and is managed by a paid director who is advised by a board of directors. There are approximately 20 paid teachers and helpers and around 100 students enrolled at any given time. Over 70% of the students are children from outside the church. Parents pay tuition for their children, however, scholarships are available for families who need it. Although the church provides some monthly support, the school is mostly self-supporting.

Members of Committee:
Director: Sami Pollard
Elder Contact: Russ Hamilton
Committee Members: Beverly Ross, Joan Lowe, Judy Armstrong, Jean Early, Angela Duncum, Amy Lowery

Opportunities to serve:
• Apply to be a teacher, substitute teacher or helper
• Volunteer to write the families of non-members and encourage them to visit our church family
• Do small building/cleanup projects as needed to make classrooms more functional
• People with interesting farms to hold field days


To show love and encouragement to those who visit our worship assemblies and lift up our members who are suffering or struggling.

The purpose of this ministry is to 1) assure that everyone who attends our worship assemblies is made to feel welcome, that they are greeted with love, and encouraged to return, and 2) encourage our members who are suffering with health issues or other areas of discouragement in their daily lives.

Members of Committee:
Elder Contact: Roger Armstrong
Deacons: Jimmy Oxford; Doyle Lowe

Opportunities to serve:
• Serve as a “Greeter” on Sunday mornings as requested by the deacons
• Send cards to individuals/families who visit our services
• Send cards to those who are ill
• Send cards to members who have not been in our services for awhile


The Fellowship Ministry plans and executes opportunities for church family gatherings to foster a spirit of community.

The Decatur church places a high priority on building and maintaining relationships within our church family. The fellowship ministry executes the logistics of our family gatherings. Committee members stock kitchens with supplies for such events.

Members of Committee:
Elder Contact: Roger Armstrong
Committee: Cason Rangel

Opportunities to serve:
• Serve on committee planning special events as they occur
• Set up tables and chairs for fellowship events
• Serve food and drinks for fellowship events
• Clean up after events


The Finance Ministry seeks to serve the congregation in achieving its purposes through financial responsibility.

The Finance deacons oversee the finances under the guidance of the elders. Responsibilities of this ministry include but are not limited to, annual budget preparation, financial reports, collections, approving monetary needs, and seeking financing for church projects.

Members of Committee:
Elder Contact: Mark Duncum / Donny Edwards
Deacons:  Steve Walker, Cary Young

Opportunities to serve:
• Contribute to the financial goals of the church as you purpose in your heart
• Recommend funding for ministries for which you see a need in promoting the Kingdom
• Due to the nature of this ministry in handling the financial elements of the church, involvement is limited to designated representatives of the church.


Helping people to use their gifts to serve God and others.
The Involvement Ministry facilitates the organization and recruitment of Decatur members for works of service using their God-given abilities for His purposes. We also work to ensure that those new to Decatur become an accepted, nurtured, active part of our church family.

Members of Committee:
Elder Contact: By Shepherding Group Elder
Youth & Family Minister: Jacob Baker

Opportunities to serve:
• Members are needed to assist in matching new members with the ministries that have need and best fit their talents.
• Identify your talents and passions and volunteer accordingly.


LifeGroups is the name of our Sunday afternoon/evening small group ministry.
The purpose of our LifeGroup ministry is to provide opportunities for individual growth as we work on applying the truths of God’s word to our daily lives. Love, accountability, and ministry flow naturally from the loving relationships built. In addition, we see LifeGroups as a way to invite others into the kingdom of God and real relationship to Him and community with his people.

Members of Committee:

Elder Contact: All Elders

Youth & Family Minister: Jacob Baker

Opportunities to serve:

• The shepherds encourage everyone to be part of a LifeGroup
• Volunteer your home to host a LifeGroup
• Serve as a LifeGroup Leader or Co-Leader
• Invite friends, neighbors and visitors to a LifeGroup
Local Outreach
Connecting people in our community to the love and grace of Jesus.
With our Local Outreach ministry we seek to build relationships in our community so that we seize opportunities to share about the saving relationship that comes only through Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

Members of Committee:
Elder Contact: All Elders
Committee: Leaders and participants raised up as local outreach projects are identified

Opportunities to serve:
• Conduct Home Bible Studies as opportunities arise
• Teaching assistant for Home Bible Studies
• Volunteers for annual “Gear Up” back-to-school project
• Volunteer to work in “Helping Hands” clothing ministry
• Volunteer for “Snack-Pak” program for underprivileged children in our schools
• Volunteer for W.A.R.M. and Wise Choices Pregnancy Center
• Volunteer for other identified outreach projects

Member Care

The Member Care ministry has a twofold objective:

Men’s Ministry
Women’s Ministry
Men’s Ministry
Transforming and supporting men so that they are devoted servant-leaders for their families, the community and the church.
The Men’s Ministry encourages the men of the Decatur Church of Christ to grow closer to God, their families and others, while reaching out to the community.

Members of Committee:

Elder Contact: Randy Davis

Deacons: Jody Adams; Jason Brooks

Opportunities to serve:

• Volunteer for church or community related projects
• Help plan and carry out service projects
• Walk beside other men in the congregation who are struggling
• Lead Bible study discussion groups directed at the needs of our men
Women’s Ministry

Creating an atmosphere where women can realize spiritual maturity and fellowship, develop their leadership skills and minister in the local church, their community and the world.

The mission and purpose of the Women’s Programs is to fulfill a sense of belonging to a family and community; to provide support, nurturing and meeting the need to be fed; and meeting the emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of women as their role of mothers, wives, Christians, sisters and friends.

Members of Committee:
Elder Contact: Randy Davis
Committee Members: Shirley Ross (chairperson)

Opportunities to serve:
• Attend and participate in a Ladies Bible class
• Teach a Ladies Bible Class
• Participate one month per year on the food committee
• Volunteer for sewing projects (bears/lap gowns) for those in the hospital
• Host a baby or wedding shower
• Serve on a committee to plan ladies outings

Sharing God’s love to those outside our community and nation to transform them into fully devoted followers of Christ.
The mission and purpose of the Missions Committee is to oversee all mission efforts of the Decatur Church of Christ outside of Wise County by: (1) providing continual emphasis on the command of Jesus Christ in the great commission; (2) developing and maintaining avenues of assistance that will involve our membership in the spread of the gospel into areas of the world identified from time to time as in most need of the gospel; & (3) providing for the implementation of this policy by developing an organizational structure that possesses all of the necessary components.

Members of Committee:
Elder Contact: All Elders
Deacons: Kyle Reeves (committee chairman), David Isham
Committee Members: Craig Jordan, David Fuller, Ed Norton, Jeff Jones, Leann Spears, Jeremy Thompson, Jody & Rachel Adams, Brent & Annie Watkins, John & Maryann Greenlee

Opportunities to serve:
• Serve on the Missions Committee
• Pray for our missionaries
• Send letters/cards to our missionaries
• Provide care packages to our missionaries
• Participate in a church sponsored mission trip

Compassionate concern for our confined senior Christians.
The mission and purpose of the Seniors Ministry is to care for the senior members of our church family. This includes conducting a worship service at the Hills Nursing Home each Sunday at 9:00 and taking communion to other nursing/long-term care facilities in Decatur. We also want to remember and care for the needs of our senior Christians who are confined to their homes or have need of various services at their homes.

Members of Committee:
Elder Contact:

Deacons: Cary Young; Randy Moon; Doyle Lowe

Opportunities to serve:
• Volunteer to give a brief lesson on a topic & text of your choosing at the Hills service
• Volunteer to lead a few traditional songs at the Hills service
• Volunteer to serve communion to other nursing homes in Decatur
• Write notes/cards of encouragement to our senior members
• Make a phone call or visit to check in
• Drive seniors to medical appointments when needed
• Celebrating BIG birthdays
• Provide transportation for seniors who can attend worship but cannot drive

Provide the support needed to ensure a meaningful worship experience.
The Worship Committee is responsible for the overall structure & atmosphere of the time we spend in worship to God & assembled together as a church. We desire for each member to get the most from each assembly. We strive to provide a balanced service that will meet the needs of as many members as possible. Each element is prayerfully considered for its contribution to the overall worship experience. Most importantly, whatever we do we will strive to do with excellence with the full intent to give God the most glory & praise.

Members of Committee:
Elder Contact: All Elders
Committee Members: Rick Ross, Mark Duncum, Craig Jordan, Jacob Baker, Ron Cole
Audio/Visual Coord: Shelly Reeves

Opportunities to serve:
Men, who by faith in Christ, repentance and baptism have been added to the Lord’s body, are needed for the following service:
• Leading public prayers
• Deliver Lord’s Supper focus
• Serve Communion
• Song Leading
• Short speaking assignments

Leading students toward full devotion to Christ.
The mission and purpose of the Youth Ministry is to facilitate the spiritual growth of the youth of our congregation and others in order to create a foundation for their walk with Christ throughout their life, and to focus on knowledge of the Bible while using social events to promote fellowship and spiritual development.

Members of Committee:
Elder Contact: Donny Edwards / Mark Duncum
Youth Minister: Jacob Baker

Opportunities to serve:
• Be a mentor for one or more of our youth providing a positive role model in their lives
• Volunteer to host a devotional or other get together
• Volunteer to help chaperone a youth trip or event
• Financially support special events such as youth camps and mission trips when the only thing keeping someone from participating is the cost
• “In everything set them an example by doing what is good.” Titus 2:7